What makes a winner?

You know a winner when you see one, but what is that special something that turns a sportsperson, performer, or employee into the star of the show? The answer, according to Psychology Today, is that there are 5 Key Qualities to superstar winners.

Work Ethic

Consistent winners work hard for their prizes. They put in the hours learning, practicing, trying new things and really perfecting their craft. By working hard, they also set an example and encourage others in the team to work harder. So being with a winner makes us all a bit better!


Winners recognise that winning is not a permanent condition, but one that they need to work hard to defend. Being top dog means that other contenders will be snapping at your heels. So if you take your eye off the ball, someone else will be the winner next time around. When winners start to believe their own hype, they tend to become losers.

A Love of Pressure

In teams it is easy to let others carry the load, but this is not the way winners think. Winners thrive when their contribution is going to make the difference. That is not the same as constantly pushing others aside to hog the limelight. It means that, when people are depending on you, you enjoy taking that responsibility and pushing yourself to the limit to meet the challenge.


The last person on earth will be the best at everything, but they will still be able to lose. Winners take internal and external goals and use these goals to constantly strive for bigger and better things. That goal may be to win an Olympic Gold, beat a personal best time, or deliver a better piece of work than last time. When one goal is achieved, winners will set themselves a new one. It sounds exhausting!


If you are really focussed on winning, and not just ego, then you will do whatever it takes to win. And that may mean stepping back to let others shine brightly on the team. Winners are committed to being the best and, when they play as part of a team, that means making the overall team the best. Interpersonal skills, attitude and empathy can make a player better as a team member than running speed or shot accuracy.


Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/articles/200903/success-winners-and-losers

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