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Why is Winning SO Powerful?

Why do sports heroes get paid a lot of money to give talks to top business executives? After all, sports people usually know very little about managing shareholders, capital investment, or business risk. The answer is that they have something that all business people want: expertise in winning!

What makes a winner?

You know a winner when you see one, but what is that special something that turns a sportsperson, performer, or employee into the star of the show? The answer, according to Psychology Today, is that there are 5 Key Qualities to superstar winners.

Staff Rewards: Motivate Your Top Staff

As every HR professional knows recognition is vital for retaining top performing staff. Christmas, Lunar New Year and new financial years are our busiest times for helping clients to choose motivational staff gifts and rewards. Here are our top tips for staff recognition.

Should Everyone Get A Prize?

As a species we like rewards to be distributed fairly – our close relative, the monkey, feel the same (see video). When someone is seen as being cheated from their share, or receiving the benefits of someone else’s hard work, it makes us feel that an injustice has been done.


"Quick and efficient service. We used AwardHK for our recent staff anniversary award"

Catherine Wong

12th March 2021, 12:21

"Transparent pricing and quick delivery. This is the first time I've used AwardHK, but it wont by the last"

Geoff Rogers, STP Asia

10th March 2021 14:42

"I built my trophy online, there are a great selection of ideas and concept to work with. Everything was super smooth"

Norman Lowing, Red Source

8th March 2021 14:42

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